The Winter - Spring Transition April 11 2016

Conventional wisdom states that with the sunnier days, birth of pretty flowers and appearance of shorter sleeves during the transition from Winter to Spring comes a cold. It is believed that drastic temperature change makes you more vulnerable to viruses because it confuses and messes up your immune system. 

Although that yes, it is probably true that colds are common during this transition time, it is actually driven by spring-time behaviour instead of biology. With the crazy swings in temperature it's so easy to be caught off guard, and not be dressed well to protect yourself from the elements. This has the potential to unsteady your immune system and make you more susceptible to sickness. A tip for avoiding this is to actually dress for the outside temperature and not be compelled by spring fever and head out in shorts and jandals. Layers are essential and maybe even keep a hat and scarf in your car or office, so you will be prepared if the temperature changes its mind part way through the day. Also when breaking a sweat outside, it's still not summer so a thermal top and pants are smart.

Also as the weather warms up, people begin to head out more and become more social, which makes cold transmission much easier. This makes it still so important to keep up the good hygiene habits that helped you to stay cold free (hopefully) through out winter - frequently wash your hands with soap and running water!