5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Health April 11 2016

The transition from Winter to Spring brings the "out with the old and in with the new" mindset and is a time of renewal for a lot of people. Spring cleaning, in particular, is the time when people clean their homes from top to bottom. While it is definitely a much-needed chore, this year, why don't you look past soap and disinfectants and give your health a Spring cleaning of its own. Here are five simple ways to give your life a healthy Spring makeover!

Wave Germs Goodbye

Spring is the perfect time to get cleanliness on the brain. Dusting, disinfecting and scrubbing our homes will not only combat sickness, but a clean space will also make us happier and more productive. 

Turn your Kitchen into a Healthy Space

Cleaning your kitchen isn't just about getting rid of dirt and grime. You should give your kitchen a healthy makeover by replacing unhealthy and processed products and with whole, natural foods.

Workout in the Great Outdoors

There is just something about getting your sweat on while breathing in the fresh air! Now that the weather is heating up, head outdoors to workout. Once you break free from the sweaty and smelly, germ-filled gym, you will find a sense of renewal and may even discover a passion for running, hiking, or biking.

Naturally Detox your Body

There are many ways to naturally cleanse your body while avoiding calorie-depriving detox diets. Cutting out alcohol and refined sugars, exercising and eating a healthy diet does wonders. When's a better time than Spring to start on this healthy track. 

Get your Health Checked Out

Spring is a great time to get your medical history checked out, if you haven't done so already. Why don't you make an appointment with your GP, and visit your dentist and/or optometrist. Taking measures early on may help prevent future emergencies.