Muscle aches, pains and stiffness are usually caused by overuse or unaccustomed use of muscles, but may also be due to stress or tension, arthritis or as a result of injury from exercise or physically-demanding work. Chronic aches and stiffness can make even your favourite activities less enjoyable. We have a range of useful products to support your muscles and joints.

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GOOD HEALTH Magnesium Cream, 90g

$28.99 inc. GST
Good Health Magnesium Cream contains genuine Zechstein™ magnesium chloride, the finest and purest natural magnesium chloride in the world. Combined with

NATURE’S KISS Anti-Flamme Everyday Crème 90g

$27.99 inc. GST
Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Everyday Herbal Relief Crème soothes strained muscles, joints, bumps, bruises and common sport injuries. Contains natural ingredients and is used and recommended by NZ Physiotherapists.

NATURE’S KISS Anti-Flamme Extra Crème, 90g

$29.99 inc. GST

Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Extra Herbal Relief Crème provides extra strong relief from strains, joint aches, bumps, bruises, common sports injuries, contusions, sprains, lumago, sciatica, arthritic complaints, and overuse syndromes.

Extra strength is the same as regular Anti Flamme, but with the addition of germicidal eucalyptus oil, the warming properties of clove oil, and 50% more arnica.