EasyMeds® is a sachet or foil blister pack dispensing system allowing you to better control your medication management.

EasyMeds® are designed for multiple medicines or the elderly to better control your medicine management. Daily medicines are dispensed into individual sachets for each dose so you may have one sachet at breakfast, one sachet at lunch and another sachet at dinner.

It’s so simple! Dose times can be personalised to suit your routine.

No more missed doses, no more trying to remember if you have taken your medicines at the right time and no more struggling with lots of bottles and popping tablets out of foil strips. All your medicines are dispensed together in one single sachet.

Simple to open, accurate, convenient, handy dispensing box, easy to use & tailored for you.

The EasyMeds® sachets are safe because they are completely sealed and packed with consecutive dose times. You can see at a glance if you have forgotten a dose, improving your medication safety and effectiveness. The sachets are so convenient you can take them away with you or put them in your wallet if you are going out for lunch.

Medicines are packed together at times to suit your lifestyle and can even include your health supplements in the sachets. For example, If you like to take Fish oil, vitamins and Glucosamine for joint pain they can be conveniently included in your daily sachets.

EasyMeds® sachets are exclusively available at any Vautier Pharmacy for just $2.50/week.

Pop into a Vautier Pharmacy today and discuss how the EasyMeds® system could work for you – they are also able to provide you with a coloured medicine chart showing which medicines you take, what they are used for and when to take them.  EasyMeds® come with a great dispensing box to hold the medicine roll and a selection of cool designer covers to truly personalise your medicines. Taking the right medicines  at the right time every day has never been so easy, it’s got to be good for you!