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CLINICIANS Vitamin B12 Oral Drops, 15mL

CLINICIANS Vitamin B12 Oral Drops, 15mL

$25.99 inc. GST

Clinicians Vitamin B12 Oral Drops provide a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin, for enhanced absorption and utilisation in the body. Vitamin B12 is essential for mood and nervous system support, healthy mental function and red blood cell health.

  • Supports mental alertness.
  • Supports memory and healthy mood.
  • Assists with sleep quality.
  • Supports nerve health during times of immune stress.
  • Useful in individuals with low blood and tissue levels of vitamin B12.
  • If you are vegetarian or vegan you are more likely to be deficient in B12 and folic acid.
  • Clinicians Vitamin B12 Oral Drops supports healthy nervous system function.

Are rapidly absorbed through tissues of the mouth. The use of Methylcobalamin means it is absorbed and utilised more effectively in the body than other forms of vitamin B12.  It also stays longer in the tissue than most other forms of B12.