Sore Throat Prevention

Extra immune protection from Probiotics
The effects of probiotics are well-documented in relation to improving digestive health in a number of ways. Probiotics can balance the effects of antibiotics, which are taken in order to rid the body of bacteria.

Antibiotics can be helpful, but unfortunately, they are not selective; they kill both harmful and helpful bacteria at the same time. Probiotics can add back the helpful bacteria and also boost the level of immune cells in the mucous membranes of the intestines.

Probiotics (pro = for, bios = life) are beneficial live bacteria that help the body crowd out bad bacteria

We know that most friendly bacteria work by ‘crowding out’ bad bacteria, thereby supporting our health. But certain types of bacteria also naturally inhibit the bad bacteria from coming back.

More than just good for your gut
You’ve probably heard of probiotics for the gut, but did you know these helpful communities live everywhere on your body, inside and out? The microbes in your mouth, intestines, on your skin, and other nooks and crannies make up a microscopic ecosystem that we call your microbiome.

This means that, while reaching for that tummy-friendly bacteria is helpful for your digestive system, there are other parts of your body you can be looking after in the same way.

Certain bacteria normally reside in the mouths of healthy people and these provide natural resistance to bad bacteria that enter through the mouth. Professor John Tagg and his Dunedin-based team have pioneered the use of specific probiotics for oral health over the past 20 years.

BLIS Probiotics are experts in oral-targeted probiotics and we recognise the importance of keeping the gateway to your body – your mouth and throat – as healthy as possible. 

  • ThroatGuard PRO - a high dose of BLIS K12 to give boosted immunity support to help protect against winter ills
  • TravelProtect – a higher dose formulation of BLIS K12 with a specialised regimen to help support the immune system when travelling;
  • HoneyBlis – a great tasting honey lozenge with BLIS K12 to soothe and protect a scratchy or dry throat;


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